Senior Sales Trainer, Alex has over 35 years' experience in the retail and service sector, and has worked in key positions within some of Australia's most successful private and public companies. As General Manager of revenue centres as large as a quarter of a billion dollars, Alex understands the building blocks of long-term growth and profitability in business. In the past 10 years, Alex has trained thousands of business owners around the country and their employees in the art of Awesome Customer Service & Peak Performance. Today, he specialises in improving organisational performance by focusing on aspects such personal performance, and customer service, drawing on his extensive commercial and personal experience.

Alex is the co-author of "Two Worlds Unite" an accredited Personal and Business Development program, and is a qualified Commercial Mediator with the NSW Law Society.

Alex's key interest and passion is helping people understand the 'Psychology of Success', 'Behavioural Conditioning' and the rewards companies & individuals can reap through becoming true practitioners of 'Awesome Customer Service' whilst maintaining a balance in their personal lives. Alex is a highly motivational presenter and trainer with a proven ability to assist people to view their roles and circumstances 'differently' empowering them to achieve their goals and dreams.