Learning is a critical success factor for all businesses in today's fast paced environment.

What would your business benefit from learning to do better?

At The Learning Difference, we believe that any investment you make in the development of your team should make a real difference to your results customer satisfaction; to your employee’s productivity and satisfaction; to your bottom line! 

We believe in working with our clients to understand their business and ensure that we develop programs that achieve sustainable results.

"Research indicates that companies with constructive cultures dramatically out-perform those with defensive ones.
In a study by Kotter and Haskett over an 11 year period, firms with a culture emphasising both key managerial constituencies and leadership from managers at all levels, improved their net income by 756%. Companies that did not only made a 1% gain."

To assist clients in their pursuit of excellence, we focus on balancing three key areas:

  • Culture
  • Leadership
  • People

Without successfully balancing and building on these areas, sustainability and profitability are limited.  We believe that these areas need to be examined before any training initiative occurs.


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