Bottom Line Improvement

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Shifting and improving organisational culture to improve bottom-line results and employee satisfaction.

In working with leaders of business, common feedback is the need to improve the attitude or mindset of staff and their approach to business.

We measure and develop strategies to assist your leadership team with the improvement in organisational culture and improvements to the bottom line.

Components include:

  • Pre-Measure of Your Current Culture: OCI.
  • Pre-Measure of Your Desired Culture: OCI-Preferred. 
  • Development of Strategy to 'bridge' the gaps. 
  • Leadership Team Development. 
  • Pre-Measurement of Individual Leaders: Self Assessment.
  • Pre-Measurement of Individual Leaders: Assessment by Others (360 degrees). 
  • Re-Measurement of Organisational Culture:OCI. 
  • Re-Measurement of Individual Leaders: LSI 1&2.

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