Executive Coaching

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Focusing individual and collective leaders through practical development and executive coaching to guarantee activty, leading to overall improvement

Our Leadership in Action program is one of the most powerful experiences your management team could experience.

Not only does it measure individual leadership abilities, it also examines the collective leadership team and develops a plan to improve performance over time.

Leadership in Action - our three step process  

Step 1 - Leadership snapshot

Step 2 - Leadership training

Step 3 - One on one leadership coaching

Additional components include:

  • Pre-Measurement of Individual Leaders - Self-Assessment.
  • Pre-Measurement of Individual Leaders - Assessment by Others (360 degrees). 
  • Collective Analysis of Leadership Team.
  • Twelve years of Research linking team's performance to bottom line profitability and benchmarked to other profitable organizations.
  • Individual Executive Coaching.
  • Accountability for Action and Improvement in the business.
  • Re-Measurement of Individual Leaders: 12-month timeframe.

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