Sales Development Analysis

Empowering Sales Managers and Sales Staff to improve productivity and results through effective mindset and sales approach.

Our Sales Development Process allows for a current analysis of your sales teams current strengths and areas for improvement.

In addition we take a comprehensive view of the Sales Management Process and work with managers to enable them to motivate individuals based on their specific drivers.

Components include :

  • Identification and Development of the Sales Process: Traditional versus Consultative Approach. 
  • SalesDiSC: understanding your natural pattern of communication during the sales process - and how to improve it based on individual needs.
  • Sales Action Planners to improve sales activity and thus results over time.
  • Real Time Role Plays - designed to simulate your work environment and your customers situations that provides accurate skills practice and development for your sales team.
  • Sales Audits - analysing the collective approach of your sales force from the opening of the call to the follow-up and maintenance of loyal clients.
  • Sales Manager Development - working one on one with sales managers to improve their leadership abilities and motivation for specific individuals.

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